What is Poetry ?

This site is all about poetry. Poetry can take many forms and is used to describe many things as broad as love and death, happiness or sad, nature to buildings. It can make sense or be nonsensical and most importantly it might rhyme but there is no "law" to make sure that it does. It can be as small as a few words or seem like a short story.

This site collects a variety of poets and topics together in order to bring you that wide variety and meaning that poems can have. The authors of this site are simply a group of enthusiastic amateurs and yes we will make mistakes. However, you can help correct these, by signing up and submitting your own favourites or by giving us helpful hints.

We believe the poems to be copyright and dmca compliant. Most of the poets have been dead for a considerable period of time or permission has been specifically granted to include the poems. If you believe we have made an error, drop us a line and we will happily rectify our error.