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Poem Title:  Go, Tak Thi Ragg'd Childer An' Flit

Poem Category:  Humerous/ Funny Poems

Poet:  Ben Brierley

Poet Biography: 
Ben Brierley (1825-1896) was an English Poet of whom little is known.

Has eawr Jammy bin here to-neet ?
Oh! theaw'rt theer, theau great drunken slotch
It's strange if au nowt elze to do
Bo' ha' thee every bed-time to fotch.
Come whoam; or au'll goo an' go t' bed,
An' leeov thi t' sleep where theau art;
For theaw'rt here every neet o' thi life,
As soon's theau gets th' hoss eawt o'th' cart.

What is ther' for th' supper? Ther's nowt!
Beawt theau taks a red-herrin fro' Sol's.
Heaw con't think au con get thi owt good,
When theaw leeoves me nowt bo' th' bare walls.
If theaw'd give me thy wage as theau out,
Au could do summat farrantly then;
Bo' au getten a thowt I' mi yed,
Wi mun ne'er ha' owt gradely agen.

Have au browt thi th' top-cowt? go thi look!
Aud ha' browt thi th' stret-jacket as soon :
Theau knows au've ha' t' put it up th' speawt,
For money to pay for thi shoon.
Ther's th' rent chap just bin, an' he swears
He can never catch nob'dy a-whoam ;
He's bin four or five times to-day,
Bo' aur eawt, an' au could na' weel come,

Nawe, I ha'na bin drinkin' mysel;
Aw've ne'er tastut "tiger '' to-day;
Bo' au bin o'er to Plattin to yo'r Nan's,
An' hoo would mak' mi t' stop to mi tay.
If we han had a toothful o' rum,
Hoo paid for't, an' that's nowt to thee;
If it's done me some good thee ne'er fret;
Bo' theaw never thinks nowt abeawt me.

What's made thi bring childher yon toys?
Theaw't likker t' ha' browt thi brass whoam;
For Sal has poo'd th' yed oft her doll,
An' Dick's sent his clog through his drum;
An' then ther's yon fal-dher-dal cap,
Stick't full o' pink ribbons theaw's browt;
If theow'd browt mi two black 'uns i'th' stid,
Theaw'd ha' done summat like as theaw owt.

Wilt come whoam? then tarry wheer t' art,
For aw'm cuss'd if au ax thee ogen;
Eh! this world 'ud soon be at eend
If wimmen wur owt like yo men.
Nawe, au'll see thi befar 'fore au'll sup;
Au'd rayther throw th' pot at thi yed;
An' au've twenty good minds for to do't,
If it's nobbut for what theau's just sed.

Wilt hit me? ay, do if theaw dar!
An' au'll just ha' thi walk't eawt o'th' dur;
Theaw thinks, 'cose theaw plaguet tother wife,
Theaw'll ha' me at th' same rate as theaw'd her,
Bo' au'll show thi a sperrit, mi lad,
'At'll no' tak a blow for a buss ;
An' if t' tries thi owd capers wi' me,
As bad as theau does au'll do wuss.

So wind up thi lip an' chew that,
An' tarry o neet if theaw will;
If they'll tak thi, an' keep thi, it's reet,
For au'm blest if au've not had mi fill.
Ift theaw't toyart o' livin wi' me,
Go, tak thi ragged childer an' flit,
For ift byets me to th' seet o' mysel',
Theaw'll noo mak me t' cruttle o bit

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