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Poet Name Biography
William Dean Howells   William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was an American Poet
William Ellery Channing   William Ellery Channing (1817-1901) was an American Transcendentalist poet.
William Ernest Henley   William Ernest Henley (1849-1902) was an English Poet.
William Gay   William Gay (1812-1897) was an English born Poet
William Hart- Smith   William Hart - Smith (1911-1990) was an English born poet who was raised in New Zealand,(moving to NZ in 1924) and spent most of his career in Australia.
William Henry Davies   William Henry Davies (1871-1940) was a welsh poet who concentrated on writing about nature and "life on the road"
William Henry Drummond   William Henry Drummond (1854-1907) was a Canadian Poet
William Henry Ogilvie   William Henry Ogilvie (1869-1963) was born in Kelso, Scotland, but emigrated to Australia at the age of twenty.
William Howitt   William Howitt (1792-1879)
William McGonagall   William McGonagal (1825-1902) became a well known figure in the 19th century giving public readings of his poetry. His combination of irrelevance, odd rhymes and general confusion earned him the title of "the world's worst poet". Strangely though, he is viewed with affection - and some degree of mirth
William Morris   William Morris (1834 - 1896) was born in Essex and educated at Exeter College, Oxford. He was a practising painter (1857-62) and public lecturer on art, architecture and socialism (1877-96).
William Oldys   William Oldys (1690-1791)
William Percy French   William Percy French (1854-1920).
William Schwenck Gilbert   William Schwenck Gilbert (1836-1911), is perhaps more famous as part of the duo of Gilbert and Sullivan. An accomplished writer in his own right, his writings are wide and varied. Gilbert was knighted by Edward VII in 1907 and died in 1911, at age 74, while attempting to save a drowning woman. ..
William Shakespeare   William Shakespeare (1564 -1616) was an English poet and playwright. More famous perhaps as a playwright (writing about thirty-eight plays) he also wrote a collection of sonnets and a variety of other poems.
William Shenstone   William Shenstone (1714-1763). He was a poet of diverse taste and styles, with his father recognising his talent as a young boy. Sent to Oxford to study theology, William showed no real interest, preferring poetry, odes, elegies and ballads.
William Strode   William Strode (1602-1644)
William Taylor Collins   William Taylor Collins (1720-1756)
William Vallans   William Vallans (1578-1590) was an English Poet who died at a very young age.
William Watson   William Watson (1858-1935) was an English Poet (England) influenced by poets such as John Keats and Alfred Lord Tennyson.
William Wilfred Campbell   William Wilfred Campbell (1861-1918) was a Canadian Poet
William Wordsworth   William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was witness to great social, political and artistic change and his experiences and attitudes are reflected in his poetry. Easily classified as a romantic his poems are much broader than that.
Willoughby Weaving   Willoughby Weaving (1885-1977) was an Irish Poet.
Winifred Mary Letts   Winifred Mary Letts (1882-1972)
Winthrop Mackworth Praed   Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802-1839)
Wu-Men-Kuan   Wu-Men-Kuan (1183-1260) was a Chinese poet.
Xavier Villaurrutia   Xavier Villaurrutia (1903-1950) was a Mexican Poet and Playwright.
Yamabe no Akahito   Yamabe no Akahito (700-740) was a Japanese Poet.
Yi Hwang   Yi Hwang (1501-1570) was a Korean Poet better known by his pen name, T
Yosa Buson   Yosa Buson (1716-1783) was a Japanese Poet
Yuan Chen   Yuan Chen (779-831) was a Chinese Poet
Zoe Akins   Zoe Akins (1886-1958) was an American (United States) poet who wrote poetry and criticism for Reedy's Mirror in Missouri.
Zora Bernice May Cross   Zora Bernice May Cross (1890-1964) was an Australian Poet.
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